Thursday, June 15, 2006


I have not written for some time, however when asked by a friend of mine with long Payos this Sunday who von the game? Not being a sport enthusiastic myself I shrugged unknowingly when a second Chossid with slightly longer Payos answered him. It started a train of thoughts.

Looking around in S H it seems to be that the younger crowds of men have changed a lot from the older generation. They hang around in their “cool” waistcoats the more daring ones in short coats. They tend to have quite a bit of knowledge about movies, are well versed in names of football players & hum along with the FM radio in the car.

However on the trouser-less side (phrase borrowed from Frummer) it seems they have been left light years behind. They still schlep around in their housecoats, something not seen in any other Jewish community and still act, dress and “think” like in the 19th century. One can’t help and wonder what is it that causes that there is such a drastic difference between the genders.

In our Ghetto one is measured up according to the wife so if your wife fits into the mentioned category no matter what you do you have a free pass into schools and are a considered a Hiemesher (one of ours) provided of course that you wear a Shtriemel.

However it makes me wonder how do these two of a kind fit together? How is it possible that these men are gratified with their *** life? One has open minded views while the other probably went to London Sem, need I say more? In my view they live worlds apart, the ladies busy with the upbringing of their children while the men hang around with their boy friends and get their sex kicks by looking and keeping track of the few decent dressed women around.